Oil cleaning

78 Engineering is an official Europafilter Service Partner. The Europafilter oil cleaning system is a simple solution that provides both financial benefits and environmental advantages. 

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The invisible problem

Oil needs to be changed regularly. If not machine parts will continue to break down. However, if oil can be kept 100% clean then in theory your machine should never degrade or require changing.

Parts could be used indefinitely and the risk of breakdown and production stops would be drastically reduced.

Large and small particles
Built-in online filters, which most machines are equipped with, provide protection against large particles, but these large, dangerous particles are few in number. Most of the particles in oil are however very small (70% of the total particles in oil generally consist of particles smaller than 1 micron).

Europafilter with high capacity
Previously it was thought that small particles were not dangerous for machines. Research has shown that these micro-particles bind together other contamination and accelerate oxidation in the oil. This causes oil to lose its lubricating qualities and leads to the formation of resins and deposits therefore eventually causing valves and moving mechanical parts to jam and seize up (85% of all breakdowns in hydraulic systems are caused by contaminated oil).

Modern machine issues
New machines are manufactured to far stricter tolerances and fault margins than ever before. The advantages of this is products are more uniform and of a higher quality. However, at the same time new machines are more sensitive requiring much cleaner oil and regular cleaning to ensure they are not affected by breakdowns during production.

before europafilter

Better for the environment

Using Europafilter’s cleaning systems, oil consumption can be reduced by up to 90%. The amount of poisonous waste oil is reduced just as much when the clean oil can continue to be used.

By installing an oil cleaning system from Europafilter you will not only make an instant financial saving, but will also be taking positive environmental steps for the future.

better for the environment
oil sampling

Oil sampling

78 Engineering offer oil sampling for our customers preventative maintenance schedules. The reporting is to an industry leading level utilising a patch testing technique.

This provides our customers with a precise report of their machinery lubricant condition at time of sampling, enabling  meantime between failure.

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