Condition monitoring

78 Engineering offer preventative measures with regards to avoiding costly downtime failures. We offer thermo imaging & vibration surveys.

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Vibration Analysis

Our vibration surveys provide our customers with a report that indicates failing components such as bearing, misaligned belt drives and unbalanced fans. 

vibration analysis


Thermography reports can indicate failing contactors within a control panel, failing electric motors & gearboxes etc. This is part of a preventative maintenance regime.

Core services

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Trusted distributors of Renold gearmotors.

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Power Transmission

A vast portfolio of power transmission products.

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A wide variety of tool sets all at great prices.

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Condition Monitoring

Condition vibration monitoring & thermographic imaging surveys.

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Electromechanical Repairs

A complete solution for electromechanical repairs.

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Industrial Automation

Lubrication strategy development to increase return and reduce acquisition cost.


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